Sizing Help

We know that sizing can be difficult when manufacturers lump sizes in categories that, when combined, may not fit the unique you. You can use these sizing resources to have a good chance at getting the correct size. Remember that different constructions of undergarments - like sport bras and reduction undergarments - meet different goals and will have a different fit. The most important thing, bar none, is that you look good and feel comfortable. You are you: be you, comfortably.

Just My Size Fitting Video - This video is very helpful in finding the right size for JMS and similar bras.

Bra Sizing Charts - At this link, you'll find charts that can help find the correct size for you for a particular product.

International Bra Sizing Charts - We're in the U.S. and the sizes shown on our site are U.S. / Imperial. These charts can help explain what EU size is at least approximately equivalent.